“I’ll be your healing angel” by Jonin Marie Gargoles




I feel so sad to see you in pain

I want to ride in an airplane

It hurts so bad I’m not there

I’m so worried because I care


I want to take good care of you

When you are sick & don’t want to eat

I’ll be a professional nurse for you

I will massage your head while you sleep

I’m sorry if we’re to far from each other

I want you know I’m your loving lover

I’m sorry if I was not there by your side

When you needed me most and I felt so sad


I want to run outside  my country

If only my French Visa was already guarantee

The worries in my mind have been chaotic

As if poisoned by something noxious


I can’t describe in words to tell you

How I am feeling right now

Since you are suffering in illness

I too am feeling uneasy and how


Day and night I continue to wish

For your speedy and healthy recovery

I hope you can get out of bed soon

So you can enjoy and smile to me


If there was a way that I could take over your illness

I would gladly do it without any hesitation

Because I don’t care if I fall sick

But watching you suffer causes me endless frustration


I hope that the germs in your body are listening

I would welcome them with open arms

As long as you get back to your normal self

After all, I will love being healed by your loving charms


I wish I could be a band-aid

And heal you quickly

I wish I could be a tablet

And cure you instantly


I wish I could be your balm

To soothe your pain away

I wish I could be your comforter

Too relieve you in every way


I wish I had a magic wand

To makes your illness disappear

But since I can’t do that

I will keep praying for you my dear

Get well soon my baby

I’ll be your healing Angel

I could take you through all the changes

Upon a hundred thousand stages

I will love you more than a thousand pages








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