Long Distance

“Happy Valentines my Baby” by Jonin Marie Gargole


Distance of Paris From Bacolod is:
6,909 miles / 11,118.96 km / 6,003.76 nautical miles

Even we are 6,909 miles apart

Your like a meteor inside myΒ burning heart

11,118.96 KM might separates us

Distance can’t blame us

I’m longing for your kiss to fly in 6,003.76 nautical miles

Waking up early to gaze your beautiful and contagious smile

I love you more than anyone ever

And it scares me because we are not together

I know that you have a dark past

And I know that I have to get over that fast

I love you forever I want us to last

As I know that we both will have a real blast

In every tears I made

Without you here is like a blade

We’ve encounter a lot of trials

Loving you like a hundred miles

Our love will never be less

Your the apple of my eye above everyonelse

Through the darkness, there came a light

Though so far but yet so bright

I close my eyes and look deep insight

I walk this darkness without a fright

I clutch this image like a precious sight,

The one that sets my heart alight

I hold that thought and now I write,

With the thought of us on this night.

I travel this road to find affection

I now edge closer and taste perfection

The darkness evades, I’ve found protection

I reach this light to build my connection

My strength has now so briskly grown,

I no longer feel I travel alone

I continue to proceed on this empty path,

The wait is long but I show no wrath

The star may seem so far away,

I set fourth my travels to meet that day

I hold my faith and wait these years,

So far I’ve come, its worth those tears

I stand, I sit and now I stare,

I look beyond me and see you there

I’ve found the light and now I smile,

I’ve found my strength to crawl this mile

I accept love like its my treat,

The thought is real, I’m now complete

I hear sweet voices in my head,

They say my path is clear ahead

Some just try but yet they fail,

The unconditional love that we prevail

I had my freedom, I made this choice,

I found my love, I now rejoice

I never believed I’d find this love,

Like that beautiful star from above

I questioned love and what I feel

With you I learnt my love is real

I love you so much my baby

Happy Valentines!


6 thoughts on ““Happy Valentines my Baby” by Jonin Marie Gargole

  1. So very sweet! Wish you all the best in your relationship. May your love for each other conquer the distance and all the challenges life and circumstances throw at what you have with each other. What you both have is inspiring on many ways! Hold on steadfast! Happy heart’s month πŸ™‚

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