Long Distance

“Winter Snow” by Jonin Marie Gargoles


The sun and moon get crossed, but they never touch

In the space between us my love for you is too much

Tears streaming down my face and soul

Your sincere heart made me whole

I admit I cannot be a perfect girlfriend

But for me you will always be my romantic boyfriend

Your voice is the sweetest melody in my ears

Your compassion is the strength to kill my fears


Thousands of foreign faces I see everyday

Your French accent is my favorite medicine per day

I offer you my honest and loyal heart

Having you in my life is the luckiest part

Day by day you will see my true colors

Ignoring you is my greatest sorrow


Winter snow keep falling in your head

Happiness, love and care you always spread

One time I get mad on you very badly

But your patience and understanding were lovely


I’m so lucky to have a very sincere boyfriend

Even you know I’m weird and crazy girlfriend

You manage my worst and bad attitude

Loving you is my greatest gratitude


I know it’s hard to love an innocent girl like me

You’re so brave to take risk loving me

My heart is like a white snow, it is pure

Your damage heart I always want to cure



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