“Sensitive Heart” by Jonin Marie Gargoles



Being sensitive means I love deeply, without boundaries and I fall in love seriously because even if it hurt me and even if I like being by myself most of the times, I love too much, its like a difficult puzzles in my eyes and if I was broken it will crumpled my sensitive heart.

I knew from the start that when I fall in love it will hurt sometimes. The most important ingredients of true love is being faithful, loyal and honest. Sometimes I can’t help myself to be anxious because of some bitter sweet I learned in the past. I’m scared what if next time I’ll be the next helpless victim.  All of this time I heard those wonderful relationships that leads to broken hearts & souls. Sometimes I felt those tiny painful stitches inside my heart because I cannot replace myself to be your first love. I may compare myself to your beautiful ex’s because of my insecurity. You were always there trying your very best to explain what true love means for you. There’s only one thing I always pray for I hope I’ll be your last. I want to spend my whole life with you and both of us grow old together.

You helped me to realize that problems are meant to be solved and they’re not meant to destroy us. You helped me to be better and you helped me to appreciate myself and what I can do. I sometimes hate myself for being sensitive. Behind every broken smiles I have were hidden scary tattooed memories that make me traumatized before.

I try to be the sweetest I can with the people I love because I want them to be happy and never sad. Being mean is almost impossible for me, when I am I regret it right away, most of the times I smile right after and say sorry. I try to never be mean with someone because whenever someone says something even slightly offensive to me, my heart literally skips a beat and it hurts. Most of the times these people say these things without any bad intent, without even noticing that they hurt me, but I don’t show them anyway because I don’t want to look lame and I feel ridiculous too, to get upset over something so stupid.



I sometimes think billion times to myself because I care too much.  Should I care less? Should I stop being so sweet? What should I do to make you better? Should I lessen all of my sugar coated sweet words?

Invisible tears are the most hardest thing to hide. You may sometimes feel your chest so tight and you loosen up oxygen when you cry secretly. Maybe because I love too much and I care much. I’m scared it would come up to the point again were in my trust are scattered in just one blink of an eye. Its difficult sometimes because I don’t know what will happened to me if my pure love intention would be stained by dangerous scratches.

Day by day you will see my true colors its so scary sometimes because what if one day you will just walk away and the love we’ve made will fade away. A lot of anxiety try to destroy me sometimes. Every now and then you will hear all of my deepest secrets in life that  nobody knows only you because I trust you so much. I hope day by day as you get to know more about my true self you will not find me unattractive. I’m sorry for being too naive & innocent.

I’m sorry for having a sensitive heart.

I will stay by your side  and cuddle with you when it’s raining. I will memorize your eyes and lips. I will kiss your eyes to remove every tears of yesterday and kiss your lips to make you feel love.

I just wanna say this to you I know our relationship is never perfect. We have been to a lot of struggles already. But one thing that I have always been so thankful is you never doubt our relationship. You never gave up on me. You have been constantly supporting me on all my endeavors. You have been constantly cheering me up. You have been my source of strength every time it seems that it’s so difficult to carry on. I’ll be forever grateful. Thank you so much! ❤️ I love you so much my baby 😘😘😘








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