Long Distance

“Colorful Destiny” by Jonin Marie Gargoles



Wherever you will go

I want to be with you

I don’t want to see you cry

If only I could fly

We have the most dramatic stories to tell

Sweet strawberry love I could smell

Your brown eyes mesmerized my soul

You make my life very whole

I can see you in my future

Even we have different culture

You told me your sweetest dream I ever heard

I will grow old with you even you have white beard


You’ll be the most handsome dad of our kids

We will both provide all of their needs

Our kids would have brown eyes like yours

Unconditional love would be our source

The beautiful lips and smile of our kids would be mine

We will travel the world while drinking wine

When I woke up in the morning it’s your face I could see

I will tell myself I found the most beautiful fish in the sea

I will secretly kiss your cheeks and prepare to cook

Your shimmer summer skin I can’t resist to look


We will took a lot of sweet pictures under the Eiffel Tower

White doves and pretty red rose’s petals will shower

We will swim to all white beaches in my country

You will enjoy eating all Filipino foods I guaranty

The first time I will see the white snow

I will see your crystal brown eyes glow

You will teach me how to do Ice Skating

Embrace me under the snow if I’m shaking

I know at this moment it’s hard to overcome all the circumstances

We may not see each other very soon because of hindrances

 Always remember I could wait patiently

When I finally meet you in the airport happily

I love you just the way you are

I won’t give up even we are so far



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