​”Nothing is hard if the heart has love.” By Jonin Marie Gargoles 


Love can never promise to be always happy,
True meaning of love is not all about money
Life gets better after you accept the things you can’t change.
Life gets happier if you trust yourself being strange.
Nothing is hard if the heart has LOVE.

Even we shed our tears made of blood.
Nothing is impossible when the heart UNDERSTANDS
Even we break the different timezone and distance

And nothing is heavy when both of us will remain FAITHFUL and HONEST
Even we encounter tempatations please always remember our promise

All the secrets revealed
We’ll be brave and more stronger
When my faith is sealed
Just promise me you won’t find another lover

Concentrate and tell me can you be honest?
You and I made a promise

Remember our very first promise
To love, to share, and be real honest to goodness
Sweeter that a fulfilled promise
beautiful and always honest


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