“My first love” by Jonin Marie Gargoles 

I may not be your first love but I hope I’ll be your last.

I can feel your broken heart because of your dark past.

I will do my best to embrace you by my warm hugs.

I hope you will set yourself free from your ex memories.

I hope you will allow me to mend your broken pieces to life.

I know it will take a long time for you to see that I am sincere.

In your mind I’m like a stranger that just came to your life.

I’m not just only a stranger I am here to love you.

I was made for loving you even though we are separated far away.

I understand all the painful stitches inside your heart.

I hope you will not close your heart because I will treat you more better

I know you’re scared to fall in love because your past still hunting you.

I hope you will give me chance to change your perspective about love.

I can still feel you carry some heavy hallow blocks inside your chest.

Can I help you slowly remove all the unforgivable memories of your past.

I will show my unconditional love for you only if you will allow and trust me.

I will not break you like a paper thin that crumpled your heart. I will pour out my soul to radiates it into your precious heart.

I know how it’s hard to be paralyzed and to stand up again.

I hope you will permit me to heal your damaged heart.

If your ex were not afraid to lose you.

I’m different from them… because I’m afraid of losing you.

I will keep you away from harm and sadness.

I will sincerely take good care of your heart.

You’re asking me last time when did I know I fell in love with you.

At first you’ve notice I’m taking to you like a friend because at I’m afraid and shy what if you won’t like me.

The first time I saw you… I can’t stop from smiling because you already strike my heart like a lightning.

I know it’s hard for me at first because I’m too shy and I’m still amateur when it comes to love.

I used to be alone and independent because I’m scared to cry or hurt myself.

Its then I realized I ‘m falling for you when I can’t sleep at night and I was really thinking of you.

I went to my table to get my notebook and pen to write something.

It was 2AM and I’m still awake thinking about you.

I’m listening to a music (“Falling in love” by Us the Duo).

I was so shocked to finished that poem like 15mins because normally I could finish a poem like 35-45minutes or sometimes more than an hour.

You may not know what struggle I had before being a writer.

I need to ask my friends love story and write a poems for them.

All of my poems before were just my imagination and it’s only fiction.

Until I meet you and then you change it everything you made all my poems into life.

You teach me how write based on my true feelings for you.

At first I secretly post it to my blog my first poem for you “Like a French Song”

I never thought you will notice it and I’m so glad you love it.

Thank you because you’re my inspiration behind all of these poetries I made.

You were asking me last time what’s my first impression about  you and you don’t really like my answer. I’m so sorry baby for being objective.

I told you that you’re younger than me and I can’t help to asked myself before “Would you ever fall in love with me even I’m quite older than you?”.

I tried to be friendly at first because I want to make sure if you will ever like me or not.

I’m sorry for being too shy all the time.

If you only knew how crazy the butterflies inside my stomach everytime you talk to me.

Most especially when I hear your voice.

You may don’t like your sweet accent “French + English” but for me it’s the most romantic voice I would love to hear everyday in my life until I get old.

Your beautiful brown eyes and thick eyebrows really attracts me most.

Your killer smile always attacks  happiness in my life.

I’m writing this because every time we talk there’s a lot of reasons I want to tell you but my mind were dancing inside and sometimes I can’t express freely because there’s a lot of words jumbled and it mess up my brain. I’m sorry for being so shy and I hope you will understand my demur personality.

I can’t wait for the day to see you personally. If only I could hug you so tight and give you a real goodnight kiss. I rather have you with me. The best gift I could ever received in my life is when I will see you walking around the airport and trying to find me. When I will see you for the first time … I will run so fast and hug you so tight as if you can’t breath and I will cry for sure. It would be a tears of joy because your the only one I’ve been waiting for.



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