Long Distance

“Infinity and Beyond” by Jonin Marie Gargoles


Seventh Month of 2016 we first talk

Teaching me how to speak French

Seventh day of August 2016 our first video call

Laughing while sitting in a bench

Seven is our favorite number

You strike my heart like a thunder



Eight Month of 2016 you make my heart melt

Getting to know you more is interesting

Eight day of October 2016 our hearts were fasten like a seatbelt

Loving you every day is really amazing

Eight day of November 2016 our hearts getting stronger

Staring to your beautiful smile is very fulfilling

Eight day of December our hearts getting braver

Staying honest and loving always leading

Eight is a very special number

It signifies infinity and I will stay in love with you forever


 I will stay by your side even you can’t see me

No matter where you are I’ll be there

 Every night is lonely without you here

I just close my eyes and imagine your near


I will wait for you my darling

Your my only prince charming

I may not see you as of this moment

I won’t let you feel broken

Always remember I will stay loyal

I’ll treat you like my king cause you’re royal

Time to sleep my dear,

The stars are out, there’s no need for fear;

Time for bed, my baby, my little one,

The day is spent, your battles won;

If you go to bed now, the sun will soon up,

With another day of joy to fill your cup

Another cold and winter day came along

Like the orange sunset view we’ll be strong 





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