“Sleepless Nights” by Jonin Marie Gargoles




Dark gray sky surrounds me

I feel the commotion of ocean

Sleepless nights disturbing me

I trust the motion of your eyes


I’m scared of beautiful rival

My soul is frigthen if I will lose you

It would be the biggest trial

Days goes by I don’t to lose you


All I know you take the biggest part of me

Rescue me when I’m drowning of your love

I hope there’s no one apart from me

I will walk a hundred miles for your love


I can’t be with you right now

When I wake up I hope you won’t cheat

I walk  a street lights in snow

When I write I hope its not a crumpled sheet


I’ve got so much to say in a blank paper

Painful thorns will hit my pathetic heart

I’ll be crying in a misty cloud of pink vapor

Bleeding and beautiful memories I can’t restart



The moment I fall in love to you my first love

I take a long way to believe you won’t hurt me

If I see my beautiful rival I will wear boxing glove

I take a deep breath and think before you blurt me




I’m so lucky to have an honest boyfriend

I can trust you whenever I’m away from you

Wonderful feeling  that art can comprehend

I can stay forever and I don’t want to lose you





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