Long Distance

​”Clear Blue Sky” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

In the midst of ocean
I can see clear blue sky
In the midst of storm
I can see birds fly

Different eyes we gaze
I can feel your amazing soul
Different flowers we see
I can feel your romantic heart

Another day without you with me
Its like a blade that crumpled my heart
Until the day we can finally meet
Its like a cherry blossom festival

Timezone is so crazy
You’re my brightest star shining thee
Timeclock is so messy
You’re my sweet angel  singing in a blue

I wish I could see you
Literally, at this very second
I wish I could feel you
I always write your name in the sand
I want to be with you
I can hear the ocean waves
I wish you will hear me too
You whisper in the wind like blades
My heart is aching
Longing to be with you
My soul is crying
Craving to laugh with you

I will see you always
As clear blue sky
As the days went by
Please don’t say goodbye
I don’t want to see you cry
You’re always in my heart



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